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Gifted children… how can we start?

So, I happen to be the Chair of the Gifted Children Committee in Mensa Mexico. Finally last month a light started shining… Mexico doesn’t apply gifted children detection tests as it happens in other countries to all of the students, historically this may be a very important reason why we have much dropout from schools… some of the smart kids get bored and start doing different activities than those asked by teachers which gets them the label of “trouble kids”.

BUT! in the recent years this has started to change. In the State where I live, some kids which are selected by teachers or by their parents, can be tested on creativity, physical and emotional development / skills and of course, I.Q.

Today some of the kids can be detected and helped. Last month we had a meeting with one of the V.I.P. from the Educational Department in my State to draft ways Mensa could help kids. Our first approach is sciences tutoring. Very fortunately, they already have a Psychological Department which I hope can help us understand what kind of training we, Mensans, should get in order to better help the kids. I’m a teacher myself on high school but I am very aware that kids @5 years old are quite different…

Ideas, suggestions, recommendations are welcomed 馃榾
(Here is the article regarding our meeting)

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